Red Jun Suminguit


IAKL Website


IAKL website is my latest project as a WordPress Expert/Developer. The site is built using WordPress platform using Chameleon theme from Elegant Themes.

Although the site is currently on the development phase, IAKL is ready to cater you with information.

Caerus Communications


I'm currently working as the Web Developer of The site is currently on the development process.

Although the site is not up yet, we are ready to provide you with all our materials. You can now download our free Ebook. By the end of this year, be ready to visit the site again.

Coffee Tomorrow


I'm currently working as a Webmaster/Virtual Assistant in So far, I'm the one responsible for the new logo positioning. You'll think it as a simple task but it's hard because the site is built using Yii Framework (Sorry! I'm not familiar with this one).


IamFaithful - Christianity


Iamfaithful - Christianity is a Christian website designed to offer others the opportunity to obtain or expand ones biblical knowledge. Iamfaithful has full intentions and commitment towards accurate, descriptive, biblically sound information, via on site information or references to other comprehensible Christian sites.

The website is built in a WordPress platform. I am the Admin Assitant in this website. My main task involve SEO, manage Facebook account, uploading contents and articles and editing images. I'm the one responsible in creating the Donate page of the site.



IntelligentYOU is a site where you can find all the things that you can possibly imagine when it comes to IT. Although, this site is personal, you can still find something that will interest you. The topic will involve computers, Info-tech, programming, WordPress, blogging tips, making money, games and a lot more that will totally blow your mind.

IntelligentYOU is managed by Red Jun B. Suminguit, an Information Technology student major in Web Design & Development from Cagayan de Oro College-Phinma Education Network. I made this site just for fun and I would like to share it. Hope this site will work for me.

Chocolates By Bigi


Based in New York City, Chocolates by Bigi takes artisanal chocolate to a new level by reimagining traditional textures and flavors.

As you taste our chocolates, you will recognize our quality ingredients and their connection to global influences on our cuisine.  Fused with our innovative approach to flavor and styling, this leads to an eclectic, artisanal result that is simply extraordinary.

My main task in this site is to update images, manage Facebook account, update slide images, and other administrative task.

Carmen Mapping System


We are very happy to share this incredible mapping system to the public since this is the first local mapping system here in the city especially in our Barangay Carmen. You will find this system very helpful if you are a tourist or not a local resident. This mapping system used a plugin called Maps Maker. Maps Marker allows you to pin, organize and share your favorite spots through your WordPress powered site easily.

Because of this, you will find our mapping system very interactive and, of course, very easy to use. If you have difficulties using our system, please contact us directly and we will always ready in assisting you.



Love is the only thing that each and every one should feel everyday for it is so good and it feels so right. This site will be dealing with things that involve love and relationship. We will be talking things that will help us become  better individual, partner and a lover to our girlfriend, boyfriend, husband and wife.

I know this is a very hard project to start for this kind of topic, so, I will be needing your help co-bloggers and readers to post, comment, and share your ideas with regards to the topic that we will be dealing all about love.

Anxiety Cure


Anxiety Cure is owned by Kanu Kaushal from Unnited Kingdom. Th blog talks about the subject Anxiety and how to cure them.

The site was built using Wordpress platform. My main task in this project was to construct the whole website like adding pages, find relevant images, posting of articles, creating categories, and configuring the site for better functionality.

I built the site for Kanu Kaushal with less supervision. I can build websites on my own using WordPress platform.